Saturday, September 14, 2013

My 5-Star review of POEtry Girls by Rich Orth

Poetry is all about the conveying of emotion through means of verse. In this collection, you can feel the emotions of the poet in every line. There is a melancholy here, verging on despair, that tugs at the heart. Poems about loves lost, even beyond the power of the living to return them, abound here.

This graveyard romance permeates the work, and you can feel the chill of earthbound hearts yearning for freedom to roam once more. "Strolling by stone upon stone," you experience the pull of ancient forces. It is in the midst of this, that the poet weaves his song:

From this perch
where lovers first kissed
one contemplates finality

Learn the poison of "Lady Nightshade," and see through "Dahlia's Eyes." As "Summer Souls" long to be adrift, feel the desolation of "Winter's Morn." And "Carmilla" waits "with ravenesque tresses," somewhere "amongst the ruins."

But for "Lady Greensleeves":

Her vows meant nothing
Words she merely eschewed
She cared not for me
Longed for my captivity

And so it goes, from life to death. It is a sad refrain, but listen well. For there is "Love Beyond the Grave," and a "City by the Sea." Grieve for "Paradise Lost," and venture into the "Necropolis." These are siren songs, to ensnare the soul. Girls who flirt and dash away, wait patiently to be exhumed.

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