Sunday, March 27, 2016

My 5-Star review for The Haunter of the Moor by Jeffrey Kosh

An ancient evil haunts Talbot House. This tale mixes folklore with the mundane, giving birth to a terrifying menace beyond the mortal ken. Patrick Conroy is a medical student, seeking a place of solitude. He learns about an old mansion, steeped in myth. Too rational for superstition, he determines it to be the perfect place to study. But the evil in those walls refuses to be ignored.

He meets a group of gypsies, and is smitten with a girl named Maggie. She comes over with her grandmother to help clean up the place. But something wicked lies waiting in its very stones.

Nearby, they discover that which was buried beneath the ground. And the revelations become more disturbing: the shedding of savage blood, evil imprisoned in the earth, those who stayed at Talbot House were never the same again. Patrick himself has been haunted by visions that seem so real...

In the midst of this, Maggie's grandmother forbids her seeing Patrick anymore. Noting the sudden change in her demeanor, he heads over to the gypsy camp in search of answers. What he finds are more questions.

The enigmatic Father Wales steps in to provide guidance. He tells the young man of the horrid history of the place in which he now resides. The evil there is growing stronger, and they must fight off a menacing monster in canine form...

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