Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 5-Star review for Cinderella: The Ultimate Collection

Ah, the allure of the fairy tale! And one in particular has appealed to both young and old the world over. The story of Cinderella has been told many times and in different ways. Basically, it is the tale of a girl who experiences tragedy. She is taken from a comfortable standard of living to a miserable one, usually by the coldness of new family members and their jealousy over her beauty. Through the help of others, both mundane and magical, she is able to gain the attention of royalty or those of privilege. Thus, she ends even better than she started. This is a fine collection of such tales.

Often, the girl has lost her mother and the father remarried. The stepmother favors her own child, and mistreats that of her new husband. And the stepdaughter is forced into servitude and wallowing in filth.

In the midst of this, supernatural forces intervene on the girl's behalf. Sometimes, this is the work of actual fairies. Often animals come to her rescue, or even the mother assists her from beyond the grave.

Usually, she contrives to attend some gathering and is provided overwhelmingly beautiful garments through supernatural means. The particulars of the clothing vary by culture, and tend to be dresses of various hues and styles. Also, the shoes can be golden, silver or even glass.

While in several tales women of the land are invited to a royal ball, in many the girl contrives to go to church. While there, she is not recognized and makes quite a scene. Everyone is talking about her, and a person of high standing takes a deep interest in the girl.

These meetings tend to happen three times, and she escapes the first two without her identity being revealed. The third time various forces intervene and in her haste she leaves behind usually her shoe which is found by or delivered to the person of high standing.

Overcome with desire, he sends word that whoever the shoe fits will become his bride. He is often a prince, but may also be any man of great power and influence.

Women from all over try on the shoe, but it fits none. At this point, through some means, the girl is revealed and tries on the shoe. It fits perfectly and he marries her.

The tales differ in all these particulars, and some go in an entirely different direction. But the similarities between these stories cannot be denied. The timelessness of this tale is what speaks to us. One girl's tragedy turns into triumph, and she is elevated beyond even her first state. She retains her goodness, and is found worthy of her great fortune. We are enchanted by this tale of rags to riches, and this collection reminds us that dreams really do come true.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

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