Sunday, September 20, 2015

My 4-Star review for Small Cuts to the Psyche by Mark Taylor

It's the little things that just drive you crazy. Like a paper cut, they ache and throb giving you no relief. This collection of tales does the very same thing: it gets your attention and holds it in a death grip.

An adolescent girl winds up in the hands of monsters. A desperate man struggles to overcome death itself. Another must travel through time, yearning only to walk through a field.

There are tales within tales and abrupt endings that leave you reeling. Not all of the characters are human, but they all have something to say. If only there is someone to listen...

Terrors will reach from beyond the grave, and brilliant minds will make gruesome choices. Games will be played, and nightmares realized. The worst things occur in the darkest of places.

Among the delectable morsels on this literary buffet, is a tale of a contract unwisely terminated. Be careful of the wolves who walk in human form. Spirits will refuse their rest and men will have to face their fears.

And it all comes down to a journey through the mind of a madman. The common threads woven throughout this tapestry lead to an inevitable conclusion. For in the end, the most terrifying thing we must face... is the one in the glass staring back at us.

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