Sunday, March 27, 2016

My 5-Star review for The Haunter of the Moor by Jeffrey Kosh

An ancient evil haunts Talbot House. This tale mixes folklore with the mundane, giving birth to a terrifying menace beyond the mortal ken. Patrick Conroy is a medical student, seeking a place of solitude. He learns about an old mansion, steeped in myth. Too rational for superstition, he determines it to be the perfect place to study. But the evil in those walls refuses to be ignored.

He meets a group of gypsies, and is smitten with a girl named Maggie. She comes over with her grandmother to help clean up the place. But something wicked lies waiting in its very stones.

Nearby, they discover that which was buried beneath the ground. And the revelations become more disturbing: the shedding of savage blood, evil imprisoned in the earth, those who stayed at Talbot House were never the same again. Patrick himself has been haunted by visions that seem so real...

In the midst of this, Maggie's grandmother forbids her seeing Patrick anymore. Noting the sudden change in her demeanor, he heads over to the gypsy camp in search of answers. What he finds are more questions.

The enigmatic Father Wales steps in to provide guidance. He tells the young man of the horrid history of the place in which he now resides. The evil there is growing stronger, and they must fight off a menacing monster in canine form...

The Haunter of the Moor is available here:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

An excerpt from Afterworld

She smirked. "Have you forgotten? Or did you think it was just a dream?" She ran her fingers through her red hair, tossing it about. Then, she turned to look at him. "You're dead."
The shock hit him all of a sudden and he fell over onto the floor. He had caught a glimpse of small, firm breasts before he tumbled onto the carpet. Zack lay there, dazed. "Who are you?"
She giggled. "I'm your guide, silly." She pointed at him. "You're dead," she gestured all around, "this is the afterlife!"
Zack's head was spinning. "What? But it looks just like my apartment!"
"Well, it's similar. But you'll find this is a very different place from what you remember."
The man looked around, bewildered.
She noticed. "Disappointed? Were you expecting something else?"
"Well, yeah."

"Maybe halos and harps? A veritable paradise?" She let out a high-pitched laugh. "Did you actually think that's where you'd end up?" She chuckled. "Oh, that's great. Zack Reed: Mr. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em himself fancied he'd make it to the pearly gates! No, my dear. You get to stay here with me."
"Hey, I'm a good person. I care about people..."
She pointed an accusing finger. "You use people. And now, I'm going to use you for my enjoyment."

Afterworld is available here:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My 4-Star review for Small Cuts to the Psyche by Mark Taylor

It's the little things that just drive you crazy. Like a paper cut, they ache and throb giving you no relief. This collection of tales does the very same thing: it gets your attention and holds it in a death grip.

An adolescent girl winds up in the hands of monsters. A desperate man struggles to overcome death itself. Another must travel through time, yearning only to walk through a field.

There are tales within tales and abrupt endings that leave you reeling. Not all of the characters are human, but they all have something to say. If only there is someone to listen...

Terrors will reach from beyond the grave, and brilliant minds will make gruesome choices. Games will be played, and nightmares realized. The worst things occur in the darkest of places.

Among the delectable morsels on this literary buffet, is a tale of a contract unwisely terminated. Be careful of the wolves who walk in human form. Spirits will refuse their rest and men will have to face their fears.

And it all comes down to a journey through the mind of a madman. The common threads woven throughout this tapestry lead to an inevitable conclusion. For in the end, the most terrifying thing we must face... is the one in the glass staring back at us.

Small Cuts to the Psyche is available here:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Human Condition by Mark Taylor

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself what you are truly capable of. Don't lie...your reflection will know. 

The Human Condition is about the deepest, darkest part of the human mind—that part of us we suppress. But what if...just for a moment...we let the maladjusted you out to play? Would you be capable of the demented? Of maniacal, deranged violence? 

This collection of macabre short stories will have you on the edge of your seat as you come to realize you are not that different from the monsters in these tales…the ones hiding in polite society…the one in the mirror.

The Human Condition is available here:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My music playlist on YouTube

I am not just an author, but also a musician. I have been singing and playing since I was a teenager. Enjoy the following playlist of my YouTube music videos:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My 5-Star Review for The Mask of Beelzebub by Kevin Rodgers

Dr. Laurent Stine and company continue their quest to save Princess Angelique Bosc's lover, Sir Zachary Plate. On Cadaver Island, they must face all manner of perils in an attempt to prevent Zachary's execution. There are undead reverends and winged demons. They must face insane scientists and villainous knights. And all before Angelique's battery pack runs out.

In the midst of this, the elven Queen Persephone languishes in her cell wearing the Mask of Beelzebub. The hellhound Barghest is sent to fetch her, and take her to the Underworld.

Secrets are revealed and hard choices made. The truth of the present lies in the shattered past. Can they survive against impossible odds? It may all come down to a race against time...

The Mask of Beelzebub is available here:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

An excerpt from Tales of Faygaea

An excerpt from The Tall, Dark Stranger; part of Tales of Faygaea:

Diedra stood transfixed, gazing into that wondrously handsome face. It frightened her. It delighted her. It entranced her. And yet, everything was clear.

The towering figure approached. “My dear, you are the object of my affections. I have beheld you among your own kind. I have longed to speak to you, to caress you, to ravish you completely. Fear not, for you are my chosen beauty. Come with me.”

Diedra’s eyes grew wide. “But…”

The tall, dark stranger beckoned with his hand. “Come.”

She trembled, her mind conflicted. I am bidden, I must go. But what about the other one? Is there another? The one to whom I pledged my love. But I have been chosen. How can I refuse? She took a step forward.

Corrine reached out vainly to her.

Belle’s eyes were full of tears.

Diedra felt drawn by that outstretched hand. It was as if those long curling fingers had taken hold of her soul. “Please…”

“Shhh. Fear not. You are safe. Come with me.”

She was drawn closer and closer. Diedra shook. Her eyes watered. There was something terrible in the dark knight’s gaze: a hunger, a love; desire mixed with hunger, until the two could no longer be distinguished.

And then, the hand was resting on her shoulder. Sir Olivere loomed over her.

Soon, they were mounted on the black steed. The dark knight took the reins and they slowly proceeded towards the trees…

Tales of Faygaea is available here: