Monday, September 30, 2013

My 5-Star review for Cadaver Island by Kevin Rodgers

In a dark future, Princess Angelique Bosc of the city of Thyme races to Cadaver Island. She is accompanied by Dr. Laurent Stine, her dog Razor and owl Stanley in an attempt to free her lover Sir Zachary Plate from execution at the hands of the ruthless Sir Xavier Thames. 

Things go steadily from bad to worse as a surprise attack is made and the entire supply of batteries for her mechanical heart are seized and carried away. Now, she and her friends must reach Cadaver Island before her energy runs out and she goes into cardiac arrest. 

Dangers abound on this perilous quest, and the group must face monstrous creatures, dangerous cults, and hordes of the undead along the way. Though resilient, the band must fight constantly for survival and victory is not without sacrifice. Join them as they face horrors untold, struggle against their darkest fears and forge ahead toward the cursed isle.

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