Sunday, September 8, 2013

My 5-Star review for Hell Cometh by Todd Card

Hell is coming to a little mountain town. An ancient artifact of unspeakable evil is unearthed, and all hell literally breaks loose. The evil spreads and people fall prey, only to return from the dead with a hunger for the living!

Todd Card immerses us in the butchery of this small town, sparing none of the gory details. The characters are real people with all of their flaws. But this two-fisted approach at characterization launches the reader into a full-scale invasion of the damned. You feel every moment, as a ragtag group struggles for survival against the very forces of the inferno. To die is to become a ravening beast, with an insatiable hunger for living flesh.

There are moments of sheer terror, and the story takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions. You meet simple folk, with good hearts, who must give their very last breath to prevent hell on earth. Stand in the midst of the storm, fight with your last drop of blood. Hell Cometh. Be ready…

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