Sunday, September 8, 2013

My 5-Star review for The Santa Claus Killer by RJ Smith

Christmas is a season of joy: of giving and receiving. But this year, the giving comes in the form of a hatchet, and the receiving ends with the shedding of blood...

An assault on the streets of New York, leads to a series of murders in the city that never sleeps. The killer is dressed as Santa Claus and wielding a bloody hatchet. And so, the authorities search desperately for the not-so-jolly Saint Nick.

The killings in this dark tale are brutal and disturbing. At first, it does not seem to make sense. But slowly, the pieces come together and the terror builds. There is definitely a feel of the real world, with references to recent events. All of this serves to bring the story dangerously close to home.

When the authorities enter the picture, investigative procedures are described in detail. The police detectives are seen as people, struggling against an enemy that always seems to be one step ahead of them.

But the real gift is yet to come. And one teenage boy will face the very stuff of nightmares. He cannot run, nor can he hide. He'd better watch out, and better not pout... for The Santa Claus Killer is coming to town.

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