Sunday, April 12, 2015

My 5-Star Review for The Mask of Beelzebub by Kevin Rodgers

Dr. Laurent Stine and company continue their quest to save Princess Angelique Bosc's lover, Sir Zachary Plate. On Cadaver Island, they must face all manner of perils in an attempt to prevent Zachary's execution. There are undead reverends and winged demons. They must face insane scientists and villainous knights. And all before Angelique's battery pack runs out.

In the midst of this, the elven Queen Persephone languishes in her cell wearing the Mask of Beelzebub. The hellhound Barghest is sent to fetch her, and take her to the Underworld.

Secrets are revealed and hard choices made. The truth of the present lies in the shattered past. Can they survive against impossible odds? It may all come down to a race against time...

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