Saturday, April 11, 2015

An excerpt from Tales of Faygaea

An excerpt from The Tall, Dark Stranger; part of Tales of Faygaea:

Diedra stood transfixed, gazing into that wondrously handsome face. It frightened her. It delighted her. It entranced her. And yet, everything was clear.

The towering figure approached. “My dear, you are the object of my affections. I have beheld you among your own kind. I have longed to speak to you, to caress you, to ravish you completely. Fear not, for you are my chosen beauty. Come with me.”

Diedra’s eyes grew wide. “But…”

The tall, dark stranger beckoned with his hand. “Come.”

She trembled, her mind conflicted. I am bidden, I must go. But what about the other one? Is there another? The one to whom I pledged my love. But I have been chosen. How can I refuse? She took a step forward.

Corrine reached out vainly to her.

Belle’s eyes were full of tears.

Diedra felt drawn by that outstretched hand. It was as if those long curling fingers had taken hold of her soul. “Please…”

“Shhh. Fear not. You are safe. Come with me.”

She was drawn closer and closer. Diedra shook. Her eyes watered. There was something terrible in the dark knight’s gaze: a hunger, a love; desire mixed with hunger, until the two could no longer be distinguished.

And then, the hand was resting on her shoulder. Sir Olivere loomed over her.

Soon, they were mounted on the black steed. The dark knight took the reins and they slowly proceeded towards the trees…

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