Monday, March 3, 2014

An excerpt from The Bard and the Witch

An excerpt from The Bard and the Witch:

Rinaldo bowed deeply. “I now know the stories are true.”
Lady Nessa asked, “To what do you refer?”
The bard did not raise his head. “It is said that elves are the most beautiful of all creatures. And nymphs are the loveliest, by far. I am Rinaldo. And I feel fortunate to bask in your presence.”
Lady Nessa shyly covered her mouth.
Reverend Sister Serena smiled sweetly.
Lady Delshess gave a look of annoyance.
Rinaldo stood up straight, grinning down at her.
The little elf scowled back.
“Delshess…” Serena began. Then, she turned her attention to the man. “I am the Reverend Sister Serena. I wish you peace.”
“I am Lady Nessa and this is my friend…” She gestured towards the other witch.
Rinaldo surmised, “Lady Delshess. I am honored to make your acquaintance, milady.” He bent to kiss her hand, but she just turned away from him.
The bard smiled down at the other two. “Did you all enjoy my performance?”
Lady Nessa spoke, “I found it to be delightful.”
The priestess added, “It filled our hearts with joy.”
Lady Delshess unexpectedly replied, “The tone of your voice is like the bleating of a goat.”
Serena frowned at her. “Lady Delshess!”
The witch gave a slight smile.

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