Thursday, February 20, 2014

My 5-Star review for the poetry collection Temperate Darkness by Jerry Langdon

There is passion in turmoil. The deepest feelings rise to the surface when one is suffering. This is the verse of Jerry Langdon. It draws you in, and breaks your heart. The cry of the poet is a piercing one. It is nigh impossible to ignore.

There is a rhythm to these lines, like the pulsing of blood through a body. A slight repetition serves to heighten tension and drive home the point as in this selection from the poem entitled "Frozen":

I'm just frozen in place
It looks like I'm here to stay
Frozen where I stand
Frozen heart and soul
Like some arctic land

Dark things are examined thoroughly and sometimes the lines pound through your sensibilities, like this selection from "Darkness":

Children of night
Dwellers of shadow
Awaiting feast
Avoiding sight
Melancholy Darkness
Beloved Darkness
My Dear Darkness
What secret hold

There is pain in these words, raw and real. They speak of life and death; love and loss. In the midst of this is a voice crying to be heard. It calls from the shadows, in the depths where madness steals the breath away. There in the stillness, you can hear it. In the darkness, you can feel it.

You can find Temperate Darkness here:

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