Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 4-Star review for Coyote: The Outlander by Chantal Noordeloos

Know your enemy. Charlotte Webb aka `Coyote' is a bounty hunter. She hunts Outlanders, those beings who enter through the rips between worlds. And she has been hired by the Pinkerton agency to track down an especially dangerous one...

The world of this work has a western flavor with a touch of science fiction thrown in for good measure. It is an intoxicating brew, one that will carry you on into the heart of the dream. The main character is tough, yet troubled. In her imperfections, we see her humanity.

An interesting group of people surround her: from quiet associate Caesar to the wise shaman Tokala. The world is full of strangeness and wonder. There are twists and a few unexpected turns along the way. And all along, Coyote must make choices for good or for ill.

The task is simple: kill the Outlander. And it is amazing how complicated such a simple thing can be. In the crossroads of America, Coyote will come to her own crossroads. Nothing worth doing is easy, and the hardest person to look at is the one in the mirror. Coyotes hunt and kill. But what a tragedy it would be for a young woman to turn into a beast...

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