Thursday, December 12, 2013

An excerpt from Hallowed: The Collection

An excerpt from Hallowed: The Collection:

It was the time of the gathering. Cloaked figures assembled once more around the stone table. They had come, as they did every year to hear great tales of terror. Garbed as they were, one could barely tell one face from another. Were they male or female? It was hard to know.

Each stood silently, waiting for the Lore Master to speak. He studied them all from beneath his cowl. His robes did not distinguish him. Only his deep, resonant voice set him apart. “Welcome, to the gathering. Open your ears to hear what must be heard. Open your minds and be guided to understanding. Open your hearts and receive these gifts, to the enrichment of the soul.”

Those assembled, bowed their heads and a chanting began, “To hear what must be heard. A guide to understanding. Enrichment of the soul.” Then, they grew silent once more.

The Lore Master continued, “In darkness men stumble. But it is the darkness within that they live with every day. Cast off the evil and purge the filth from your souls by the reading of the word.”

And they chanted, “The reading of the word.”

Spreading out his hands, the Lore Master proclaimed, “It is a glorious day of awakening. Learn from the folly of others, and you shall find the peace you seek. May our hearts be as one.”

They responded, “May our hearts be as one.”

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