Thursday, October 10, 2013

My 5-Star review for Eldritchville by Shawn O'Toole

What would a man give for his soul? A simple drive leads John Elderberry, his daughter Grace and her best friend Annie into a town that should not be: Eldritchville.

The author takes us to a place where the barriers have broken, and the inhumanity of humanity is on display. Wolves hunt sheep, and monsters roam the streets. One man’s slow descent into madness is clearly seen in vivid detail.

The two girls are morsels of innocence in the midst of this wicked stew. Grace will learn a terrible truth, and her awful destiny: for magic has a price, and the Teacher intends to exact said toll in his pursuit of power.

John Elderberry will face his worst enemy: himself. Can he hold onto his sanity? Or will he be consumed by a fire that destroys from within? Trapped in a town that should not be, one man struggles to save his soul. But how much blood will be shed for him to be made pure?

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