Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An excerpt from Hallowed Volume II

An excerpt from my story "Temple of the Life-Giver," part of Hallowed Volume II:

Frank finally held up his hand. “Settle down, now. Settle down. The door is closed shut. We can’t get out that way. But there has to be an exit in here somewhere. We just need to find it.”

Eddie frantically informed, “We’re trapped in here! If there were another entrance, don’t you think we would have seen it?!”

Old Pete shook his head, “Quite a predicament.”

Bartleby reminded, “I don’t like it in here, Frank.”

Jesse asked, “What can we do?”

Frank shouted, “I said settle down!” He studied their faces in the torchlight. “Now, the one thing we’re not going to do is panic. You got me? Any man loses it, and I’ll kill him myself.” He pulled out his knife and swiped the air a few times, for good measure.

They stared back at him, but remained silent.

He continued, “Now, we can’t get back out the way we came in. So, we find another way. Meanwhile, we keep looking for the treasure. No sense in wasting time or what may be our limited supply of air. Although, I just have to believe that there is some ventilation built into this place.” He moved down the darkened hall, and then reached up with the torch in his hand. When he pulled it away, a growing light remained. Frank explained, “This place is too dark to conduct a proper ritual. So there are lamps installed all along the halls. Spread out and let’s shed a little light on the subject.”

Reluctantly they moved about, lighting lamps until the surrounding area began to glow with reflected radiance. There was enough light to see by, but the temple still had a gloomy appearance.

Jesse whispered to his brother, “How long do you think the oil will last?”

Frank replied, “Long enough, I hope.”

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