Thursday, August 8, 2013

My 5-Star review for The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada by Damian Stevenson

Before James Bond... there was Ian Fleming, Agent 17F of British Intelligence. The setting is World War Two, and the secret agent carries out a desperate mission to persuade a maverick French admiral to lend his fleet to the cause of stopping the Nazi war machine.

Through detailed descriptions, a picture emerges of the weapons, ships and even fashions of the day. From the moment Agent Fleming commandeers an aircraft to seek out the hidden French fleet, the reader is plunged into an action tour de force with a real feel of the Second World War. Of particular interest is the experience of a bombing raid by the Germans. It is as if you are racing through the city and the explosions are going off all around you!

There are some interesting comparisons and contrasts to be made between Agent 17F and his creation 007. Both are young, handsome agents, with a flamboyant lifestyle. However, Agent Fleming is a bit gruffer in demeanor, though still possessing undeniable charm.

This book has everything you would expect from a Bond tale: action, explosions, sultry vixens, and ironic quips. Get to know the man behind the myth: Agent 17F is at your service...

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