Monday, February 2, 2015

An excerpt from Getaway

Cover art by Jeffrey Kosh:

The young man shook his head. “It doesn’t work like that.” He looked right at her. “I brought you here for a reason. We’re going to have some fun. And when it’s all over, you’ll change your mind about me.”
Cheryl’s eyes went wide and she started to tremble. “Dennis? Come on, you’re scaring me.”
“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.” He drew close, running a hand through her brown hair. “You are so beautiful. I really wish things could have been different.” She jerked away from his touch. He shrugged, grabbing a chair and placing it in front of the stocks.
She peered over at him, growing nervous. “What are you doing?”
He seemed to be staring at something. “I’m going to put a smile on your face.” Dennis reached out a hand.
Cheryl started as her sandal was removed. “Dennis?”
He bared her other foot. “Wow, you are pretty all over.”
She gave a look of disgust. “Leave my feet alone, you freak.”
He ran his fingers along the tips of her toes. “Do you remember when I used to do this?”
She gave a slight giggle, twisting her foot. “I remember you always trying to touch my feet. And then I would snitch on you.” Cheryl chuckled maliciously.
Dennis gave a rueful smile. “Yes, you did. But we were kids, so I forgive you.” He grabbed a towel, placing it on the floor in front of the stocks. “But now, there’s no one to tell. And you can’t get away.” He shook his head slowly.
Cheryl begged, “Please, Dennis. Don’t do this. I’m sorry, okay. I should've been nicer to you.”
“Yes, you should have. But it’s too late for that now.” He picked up the bucket, placing it on the towel. “Now, as I said, we are going to have some fun.” Reaching into the bucket, he pulled out a couple of long-handled wooden brushes. “Just think how clean they’ll be.”

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  1. You paint a clear picture for us to follow. We want to read more. I rate this five "foots!"

    1. Thanks, it's a ticklish situation...

  2. Is there anywhere i can buy this as a PDF?