Saturday, April 26, 2014

My 4-Star review of Chocolate-Covered Eyes by Lori R Lopez

Through the eyes, one views the soul. Not everything we witness is pleasant but, once seen, it cannot be unseen. This is a group of short stories introduced by a poem, which is where the collection gets its name. The deliciously odd tale in verse sets the tone for what comes after.

"Heartbeat" is a story of that which is closest to a child's heart, and what they will do to defend it. In "Nuance," the ties that bind can either choke or enable one to finally breathe freely.

"Unleashed: Tail One" gives a changing perspective, the focus being those that are not human. "Beyond the Stump," sheds a chilling light onto an abusive relationship taken to an even darker place.

In "Bedeviled," young men seek out an unknown species, but bring back only mischief and mayhem. And finally, "Macabre" tells the story of a young woman discovering the key to her haunted existence.

It can be quite a task to digest what is seen. Perhaps, it would be easier to ingest that which sees. Gruesome as it seems, sometimes, with the addition of a little chocolate, the most disgusting things can become palatable. After all, everything is better with chocolate...

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